Host with Love review 1

I have been making websites for over 20 years now and I have been through a few mosts but mostly I stay with companies that provide excellent service and a price.   I had been with LunarPages for about 7 years when I started to have trouble with one of my sites overloading the server as well as getting hacked. Definitely not their fault but I needed a server who monitored the activity and so I went with GoDaddy’s wordpress package.  I paid extra for the monitoring and everything started out strong. My site was running faster and I had no problems.  Then I ran into an uploading issue and it was the servers problem because it needed to up the size and photos I needed and ram used.  I contacted GoDaddy no less than 10 times about this issue and each time they blamed WordPress which is ridiculous. I know it and I said it many times.  Long story short, I decided to look for a new home for my sites. I tend to research a lot and I contacted a few places but I finally decided to go with Host with Love. The price was good but most importantly the support is stellar! I contacted them initially to ask some questions, they replied in a very timely manner and were always very kind.

I received an update about 10 hours after ordering (they have been updating me every few hours also) but this time they said due to the problems with GoDaddy, the process will take a little longer.

I will update after I have tested the server out and all that good stuff!

Food for toddlers

Making food for toddlers

So many times I see posts about adorable little meals for toddlers. I always have the best intentions to make them same but really, who has time? Especially if you are working full-time, trying to put together something that is fun is difficult (at least it is for me).  I am horribly guilty of buying packaged food cause I didn’t have much time to cook.  Mostly because I was working full-time and I was pregnant, excuse? yes!

Anyway, I just want to show what I make for my girls. Is it fancy? Nope!  But most of the time, the girls are happy with it!


Baby Acne

2When your baby is born they have this perfect skin! Yes it might be flaky but that goes away in a few days.  My third daughter was born almost a month ago and about 4 days ago she developed baby acne. This has happened to all of my girls but still it surprises me each time.
I give baths often as it makes it easier for me to wash all the kids at the same time. I know that it says to not bathe newborns so often but it is easier to bring her into the bathroom at the same time as my elder 2 girls are bathing.  I don’t always use soap on her but she does soak in the warm water with us. I lotion her after, currently I am using Aveeno Baby which is still my favorite. I have tried many different brands, particularly organic ones from but I always return to Aveeno.  It has no fragrance, it goes on easily and soaks up into their skin fast. It meets all my requirements!

So once the baby acne shows up, I turn to google to search what is normal and how to get1 rid of it.  But what I need to remember is that IT WILL go away and it just takes a little time. It is not something you can rush, unless you want to get a steroid creme from your doctor. I did this with my first daughter but realized it was just silly of me to be so superficial. Your baby is gorgeous with or without baby acne!


Welcome to 3 Oceans Mom

The goal of the site is to be a blog, reviews of items that I am interested in, places to visit, things to see basically anything is free game!

I recently gave birth to my 3rd daughter. I have a 3 year old, 1.5 year old and a 5 day old. Madness is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about my life. Back in my younger years, I didn’t want to have kids, I wanted to focus on myself and not have anything that could tie me down. I didn’t really want to get married either- I was of course open to sharing myself with someone but I didn’t need to have a ceremony to prove our commitment.
Well that was up until 7 years ago, I came to Japan to teach English for a few months and then I was going to return home. However, I met some really great friends and extended my stay for a year then I met my husband and all was lost. Thinking back, what was it about him that made me know he was the one?! Cheesy I know but after our first diner together, I knew I was in love. I am not one to blindly throw my love out there but there was something about him. He made me laugh, he showed me a picture of him in Australia with a giant snake around his shoulders, he liked Harry Potter, he liked beer, his smile melted my heart….basically he was it!   So here I am, 7 years later, I am married, 3 kids, own a house, 2 dogs, 2 turtles and 2 cars.

So that is the story of 3 oceans mom.